Cassious Israel

Bio & Discography

"Shalom, I’m Cassious Israel aka Chazaq Ben Yahudah. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I love music so much that I dedicated my life to being the middleman between the music makers and the people, along with being a music maker myself. My vision for Brewz N Da Hood was to bring a secular/hood sound that was holy that people can relate to and still hear about God and be saved. That might sound like an oxymoron, but if you have an ear to hear, I believe you may agree." -Cassious Israel 


Cassious Israel has a plethora of songs out. The passion that he has for music

shows in his work, ethic, and catalog.

Brewz N Da Hood Vol. 1 Hood & Holy

1. They ain’t Ready

2. Israel Stand Up ft 12 Deuce and Eli!

3. Brewz N Da Hood ft 12 Deuce

4. Chief Priest ft J Global 

5. Burnt at the Stake ft 12 Deuce and Jesta

6. Vanity of Vanties ft J Global and Eli!

7. Please Don’t Shoot ft. Eli! of R.E.N. (Respected. Educated. Nation)

8. Trick’n Me ft 12 Deuce 

Brewz N Da Hood Vol. 2: Civil Disobedience 

1. Living God

2. Walk it Out ft. Big Homie Yurp, Eli!, and Jasmine Israel

3. Wallz of Jericho ft. 12 Deuce

4. Friends with God ft. 12 Deuce 

5. Righteous Bars ft. 12 Deuce, Eli!, and Big Homie Yurp

6. Thawadah ft. Big Homie Yurp

7. No Famine ft. Big Homie Yurp

8. My Resurrection ft. 12 Deuce and Lola Sade

Other songs

1. Hallelu’YAH ft. Big Homie Yurp and Jasmine Israel

2. James 1:22 ft. Big Homie Yurp

3. Matthew 3:8 ft. Big Homie Yurp

4. A Saint’s Story ft. Eli! Feastin SZN album

5. A Captive Soul- Zain Israel (written by Cassious Israel)

6. Now that's my KWU Ft. Eli!