"A Captive Soul" by Zain Israel


"A Captive Soul" lyrics

Verse One: 

I’m gone get right one day

Ain’t gone lie it’s a shame

It won’t be on Sunday 

People think it’s a game 

Hit me with yo sun rays

But his love ain’t the same

I can be yo run way

You can walk in his name

This won’t be no fun phase

For the meek and lame

It’s too hard what some say

Not a logical claim


Can’t deny it

You should try it

So much cryin

People dyin

Losing breath fast

Cause they sigh’n

Where the miracles 

This is spiritual 


(Ooooooo) A captive soul I hate it there

(Ooooooo) Get back control I’ll take it there

(Ooooooo) no elevators take the stairs 

(Ooooooo) I’ll show him that my faith is there

(Ooooooo) A captive soul I hate it there

(Ooooooo) My God, My God yo face ain’t there

(Ooooooo) There’s really no debate it’s fair

(Ooooooo) That ground you walk is sacred there

Verse Two:

Walking through this dumb maze

So I write all my pain

I am winning my race

If I stay in my lane

You just probably got mased

Cause you blind, you can't see 

Now you know I need space

What I want Imma be

Sinners, He don't hear prayers

So I've got to succeed

Unraveling layers

So much fish in the sea

Performed by Zain Israel

Lyrics by Cassious Israel

Produced by Lamar Creations