Civil Disobedience was released December 6, 2022


Eli! is the first artist you hear on "Walk It Out". Eli! He is with R.E.N. Respected. Educated. Nation.

Walk It Out  lyrics

(Big Homie Yurp)


Hebrew Business

Eli! (R.E.N.) 

(Intro)Wallz of Jericho, big R.E.N., big R.E.N. activity. Yall know what time it is. Praise to the Most High. That's all we doing.


Walk the straight and narrow,

Keep my garments white, keep my garments clean, rock my own apparel,

And it’s apparent, that we stiff neck, stiffer than a pharaoh,

Crabs in a barrell, Easter egg hunts,

Singing Christmas carols,

Bad to the marrow,(bad to the bone)

Lord fill me up with your spirit of truth,

And please  keep me away from the ones that seduce,

Casting out legions he sends em In groups

Them angels the angles are wide and obtuse

Look through the book and he’ll send you a clue,

Then he send the ruach to deliver to you,

 if you blaspheme , and you choose to refuse,

You might turn reprobate like you fishing for food,

Hook: (Big Homie Yurp)

Walk it out (x8)

Cuz they don't even know what they talkin bout (x2)

Straight is the gate, ain't no other route

We just gon walk it the spirit

Walk it out (x8)

Cuz they don't even know what they talkin bout (x2)

Straight is the gate, ain't no other route

We just gon walk it the spirit

Got that Ruach Ha Kodesh on me (x4)

(Big Homie Yurp)


Cause Straight is the gate 

and narrows the way,

Which leads to salvation 

repent n quit hating,

Walk it how I talk it Yea I’m Casting out satan,

Heard about dem boys on dem ships that was taken,

In the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy

Holy Ghost no pump faking,

Ain’t no chicken head 

Ain’t no stanky leg,

We gon break bread

we don’t break dance.

Hook: (Big Homie Yurp/Eli!)

(Jasmine Israel)


Left hand, right hand, 

I wanna be with the sheep

Left foot, right foot,

Father come walk with me

Laws, statutes, commandments are my blueprint

When you see me walkin

Just know it's His holiness

Most High please get to my cortex

When I'm vexed it's feeling like a vortex

Yah fill me up so I know He is my fortress

Living waters fight my battles so I'm not pressed

It's not on me, it's in me

Can't you see??? (What??

The roaring lion of Judah's on my team

Walk with me

Hook: (Big Homie Yurp/Eli!)

(Cassious Israel)


You can come up with the soldiers

Fresh in the morning like folders

Facing the east ready to feast 

X files that Scully and Molder

I was just looking for closure 

But they steady wanna know why

Cause I’m a servant you need a permit ahch you just fishing to die

A spectacular God for a typical guy

The Ruach is on me Kadesh is alive

I’m hearing the word in my ear the message gone come through my eyes 

the punishment will be severe

The thief is gone come you surprised

I’m dancing and praising For years 

you better just give it a try.